Mint Cleaning Quality Services

Mint Standard Cleaning Package

Each room includes a thorough dusting of top to bottom of all fixtures and decor items as well as windowsills and blinds. All baseboards, doors, and door frames are hand dusted. Presentation means a lot to us here at Mint Cleaning straightening of personal items, small simple clutter, and making sure all pillows are neatly placed on couches, chairs, and beds. Finishing each room by vacuuming the floors, and mop any tile or wood flooring.

bedroom cleaning services

Bedroom Cleaning Services

  • Ceiling To Floor Dusting
  • Hotel-Style Bed Turnover
  • Complete Finishing

Bathroom Cleaning Services

  • Ceiling To Floor Dusting
  • Environmentally Friendly Sanitizing
  • Full Cleaning of Cabinetry
  • Complete Finishing
kitchen cleaning services

Kitchen Cleaning

  • Ceiling To Floor Dusting
  • Appliance Sanitization
  • Hand-Wiping Furniture & Cabinetry
  • Complete Finishing

Mint Cleaning offers customizable cleanings for additional rooms, levels and services depending on your
needs and preferences.

Our services are available on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly schedule. We will work with you to set a time for your cleaning that works for everyone.

Please contact us for pricing.

Other Premium Services Offered

  • Home remodeling
  • Move in and move out cleaning
  • Nesting cleaning
  • Detailed cleaning
  • Holiday and before and after party cleaning