Our Story

“Mint Cleaning’s mission is to provide a quality cleaning service in order to create a happy and healthy environment!”

As co-founders we, Mariah Scheel and Sidnie Dewes-Taylor, established Mint Cleaning in our hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan in 2015. As Mothers, we value keeping our own homes healthy for our families as well as maintaining a more natural lifestyle. Therefore, we took steps to learn about the effects of hazardous chemicals and found effective alternatives for our environmentally friendly cleaning business. Mint Cleaning prides itself on making a conscious effort to use non-toxic products to reduce its chemical footprint. We hope to maintain a safe space for you, your kids and your pets to live and play.

Mint Cleaning strives to establish positive, personal customer relationships while providing an exceptional service. We offer basic to detailed cleanings based on your homes needs, but will always seek to go above and beyond for your satisfaction.